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Message of Akbar Durrani

Ex Chairman BOD, BEEF

The only way a country can be put on the road to progress is promoting education and maneuvering it out of crisis and problems. Education undoubtedly is an effective weapon for overcoming problems like extremism and poverty. The developed nations have achieved the goals of progress only through promotion of education. The Balochistan Education Endowment Fund is a revolutionary initiative of the Government of Balochistan which plays a vital role in strengthening the quality education and all scholarships are being given to the poorest but brilliant male and female students purely on merit basis i.e. not a single scholarship is provided without merit and ability. As a result of this welfare and innovative program of the Balochistan Government, no student would be deprived of higher education due to non-availability of resources.

We are striving hard to adopt a diaphanous procedure for providing these educational scholarships on the door steps to meritorious and needy students both boys and girls of the province. As one billion rupees are being added to the already placed five billion rupees in Balochistan Education Endowment Fund for the FY 2016-2017 and the volume of this fund would reach 10 billion rupees by the year 2020. I am convinced that thousands of talented students all over the province, completing their education under this fund, will play their due role in the development and prosperity of the country and Balochistan. As youth are our most valuable asset and the future of the country is linked with them. Therefore, provision of resources will be ensured for the welfare of the youth.