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FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS (as of 31st September 2016)

Government of Balochistan initiated BEEF with an initial endowment fund of Rs. 5 Billion invested in 2013-14. During the Year 2014-15, Rs. 421/- Million Profit Turnover was received from endowment Fund. During the year 2015-16, BEEF initiated its operations and incurred approx. Rs. 150/- Million Expenses (130 Million on Scholarships/Program and 20 Million on Administrative). During the year BEEF disbursed scholarships to approx. 5500 students from Secondary till MS/MPhill level. During the year 2015-16, Rs. 345/- million Profit turnover was received from endowment fund. Government of Balochistan increased the endowment fund by Rs. 1 billion during the year 2016-17. BEEF plans to disburse an amount of Rs. 450/- million in scholarships for 15000 scholars during 2016-17. The unbudgeted amounts/surpluses are reinvested for positive increase in reserves.


Initial Seed Money 5 Billion Rupees Invested through T-bills in June 2014 Received Profit 421million rupees on 30th April 2015 Operation Cost FY 2014-15 9.1m Operation Cost (estimated) FY 2015-16 30.46m Reinvested 100 Million on short term investment on 20th Aug’15 300 Million allocated for 2015-16 scholarships Expected Profit For The Year 2015-16 330m