In order to ensure transparency and independence in BEEF’s Scholarship Scheme, BEEF has adopted a pro-active approach through which scholarship is provided at doorsteps of deserving students. The whole process, through acquisition of required data from Boards and Institutions, verification and finally disbursement of scholarship is carefully drafted and implemented in BEEF since inception of Program. BEEF reach out to talented and financially disadvantaged students at District level to ensure that financial problems and challenges do not keep the meritorious students away from continuing their basic right of education.


BEEF has been established to:
  • Provide a single channel/authority for management of result oriented and fruitful scholarships schemes/programs at provincial level.
  • Provide equal opportunities to talented and less privileged students to bring them at par with more affordable ones.
  • Create critical mass of talented youth for the development of society.
  • Identify and support to extremely marginalized students through special quotas..
Creation of a pool of talented youth of Balochistan including the less privileged section of society; contributing towards economic and social development to realize the dream of moderate, progressive, and prosperous Pakistan
To build a critical mass of Human Capital for their active participation in nation building; through provision of equitable opportunities to the academically brilliant boys and girls in Balochistan

Shakeel Qadir Khan

Chief Secretary Balochistan

When it comes to developing countries, their future is very much dependent on the education of their coming generations. Giving quality education to the youth determines the roles they may play for the strength and progress of their country. Thus, priority of all developing countries is to improve their educational resources. Providing enough educational opportunities to the nation is foremost requirement of these countries. It is only with education any country can have productive workforce and fruitful individuals that contribute in its growth. Similarly, (more…)

Zulfiqar Ali Shah Hashmi

Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah Hashmi

Chief Executive Officer - BEEF

I am delighted to share that the Balochistan Education Endowment Fund (BEEF) has achieved a milestone of 18339 scholarships in a short span of just 3 years with an endowment fund of Rs 8 Billion. I, along with my dedicated team members feel honored by working together to ensure accuracy, transparency, accountability and efficiency under the dynamic leadership of ultimate governance and policy expert guidance of Secretary Finance, Government of Balochistan as a Chairman at Board of Directors of BEEF; Secretary Secondary Education, Government of Balochistan (more…)


Mir Ali Mardan Khan Domki

Chief Minister Balochistan

Without bringing a positive change in “our literacy rate” and “educational system”, we cannot achieve the ultimate goals of a developed Balochistan, and our province is undoubtedly passing through a rapid socio-economic development which needs well qualified and competent professionals, academicians and administrators and that is only possible if we invest in the future of the province i.e. the talented youth. In addition, the progress of countries in the 21st century; especially the Developing Countries would not be determined by their natural resources, (more…)

Zahid Saleem

Mr. Zahid Saleem

Secretary Finance / Chairman BEEF

The only way a country can be put on the road to progress is promoting education and maneuvering it out of crisis and problems. Education undoubtedly is an effective weapon for overcoming problems like extremism and poverty. The developed nations have achieved the goals of progress only through promotion of education. The Balochistan Education Endowment Fund, (BEEF) is a revolutionary initiative of the Government of Balochistan which plays a vital role in strengthening the quality education and all scholarships are being given to the poorest but brilliant male and female students purely on merit basis (more…)


Hafiz Abdul Majid

Secretary Colleges, H&T Education Department

An educated society translates into higher rates of revolution, higher overall productivity and faster introduction of new technology. Consequently, The Balochistan Education Endowment Fund (BEEF) is a revolutionary initiative of the Government of Balochistan. BEEF, under the slogan of “SAY-YES-TO-MERIT” started functioning in July 2015 with a proactive scholarship scheme which provides funds at the doorsteps of the talented and deserving students both (Boys & Girls) of Balochistan province. BEEF has been established with the objective of promoting academic (more…)


Mehfooz Ali Khan

Chairman Internal Audit Committee

Education is undeniably one of the most important aspect of life. Education is not only about making people aware of their basic rights but it also ensures bright future for many generations to come. Unfortunately, due to lack of education people of Balochistan are going through plight situation of extremism and poverty. Therefore, we must direct our efforts towards relieving the plight of people through provision of free education. Indeed, BEEF is an exemplary model for all the organizations and individuals who want to contribute in upbringing of deprived (more…)


Abdul Rauf Baloch

Secretary Secondary Education Balochistan

Youth, if educated well can undoubtedly be one of the main pillars of an exceptionally progressive nation and for an emerging country like Pakistan, education of underprivileged youth holds the key to its development. The Balochistan Education Endowment Fund (BEEF), a company set up working under section 42 of the companies’ ordinance 1984 is dedicated to promote quality education and is an innovative of the Government of Balochistan which was founded in the year 2014. BEEF is operational since second quarter, 2015 under the aegis of Finance Department, (more…)

Video Documentary

Briefing about Balochistan Education Endowment Fund

Video Documentary 2023

Briefing about Balochistan Education Endowment Fund




BEEF is encouraging academic excellence & celebrating high achievement


BEEF following Standards and struggle to Increase the ease of communication and collaboration among staff. Students having domicile or local certificate of Balochistan can apply for scholarships


BEEF environment with positive cultures support a philosophy of transparency. Allowing employees a flexible approach to their work-life balance helps them to work more effectively.

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