Shakeel Qadir Khan

Chief Secretary Balochistan

When it comes to developing countries, their future is very much dependent on the education of their coming generations. Giving quality education to the youth determines the roles they may play for the strength and progress of their country. Thus, priority of all developing countries is to improve their educational resources. Providing enough educational opportunities to the nation is foremost requirement of these countries. It is only with education any country can have productive workforce and fruitful individuals that contribute in its growth. Similarly, when the idea of BEEF was floated in 2014, the Balochistan Government immediately decided to take on it as its main objectives were to empower the youth of the province by investing in education and providing equal opportunities to the less privileged but talented students to realize their potential and sculpt a better destiny both for themselves and their nation. The BEEF’s inspiration is not to be a mere scholarship fund but to change the landscape and the horizon for the deprived and the under-privileged students by affording them an opportunity to elevate the ladder in society by educating themselves. Today, I want to express my pleasure at the rapid strides taken by the Balochistan Education Endowment Fund since its commencement. More than 18339 scholarships have been awarded up to now and this undoubtedly is an extraordinary achievement of BEEF and the numbers are expected to triplicate in the upcoming years. To best of my knowledge this has been possible and accomplished by installing best management practices and systems by the management of BEEF which is highly appreciated. I am quite hopeful that the BEEF shall be quite prominent in the upcoming years. I sincerely hope that BEEF would strive hard and work with continuous zeal and commitment to serve the nation and make it a resounding success.