Mir Ali Mardan Khan Domki

Chief Minister Balochistan

Without bringing a positive change in “our literacy rate” and “educational system”, we cannot achieve the ultimate goals of a developed Balochistan, and our province is undoubtedly passing through a rapid socio-economic development which needs well qualified and competent professionals, academicians and administrators and that is only possible if we invest in the future of the province i.e. the talented youth. In addition, the progress of countries in the 21st century; especially the Developing Countries would not be determined by their natural resources, but by their number of brilliant students pursuing higher education. Today’s educational and skills related initiatives will pave the way for future prosperity and integrated social growth and maturity, the nation will experience in the coming years. Our government has been utilizing all available resources to bring the literacy rate and education standard at the level of other provinces and we consider it our paramount duty to provide equal educational, employment and health opportunities to the students of Balochistan who will surely set their future course of economic and social prosperity. I believe that the Balochistan Education Endowment Fund (BEEF) is not merely an expenditure made by the Government of Balochistan but an investment in talented youth for a bright future of Pakistan specifically by adopting a vision i.e., “Creating a Pool of Talented Youth, contributing towards Economic and Social Development of the Province and Country” sufficiently aligning itself with the intended goals. I am rather optimistic that the government’s effective decisions would bring about positive results in the education sector and with the continued enthusiasm and commitment, the Balochistan Education Endowment Fund will further reinforce this educational revolution in the years to come.