Mehfooz Ali Khan

Chairman Internal Audit Committee

Education is undeniably one of the most important aspect of life. Education is not only about making people aware of their basic rights but it also ensures bright future for many generations to come. Unfortunately, due to lack of education people of Balochistan are going through plight situation of extremism and poverty. Therefore, we must direct our efforts towards relieving the plight of people through provision of free education. Indeed, BEEF is an exemplary model for all the organizations and individuals who want to contribute in upbringing of deprived and under privileged people of Balochistan, In this regard, we must appreciate the efforts of Government of Balochistan in contributing and supporting BEEF towards achievement of its strategic objectives. However, as a Head of Internal Audit Committee and on behalf of other Committee members, it gives me immense pleasure to share my gratitude with BEEF’s Management towards successful completion of two (2) years. I hope and pray, BEEF keep on continuing on progressive path and contribute effectively in bright and peaceful Balochistan.