BEEF fully complies with Public Sector Companies rules issued by Security & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) in pursuance to ensure effective Governance in Government owned entities. BEEF with the approval of Board of Directors have constituted the following Functional Committees to provide support to Board of Director performing it’s functions effectively and making sound decisions.



Scholarships Management Committee (SMC)

The Scholarships Management Committee oversee the affairs of tfie Scholarship and Program matters of BEEF. The committee deliberates and approves Annual scholarship policy to demonstrate Slots, Quota allocation, Stipend rates, Eligibility criteria and Selection methodology, Disbursement methodology, Scholarship schemes, Guidelines etc. This Committee also reviews, gives guidelines and approves any novel and anomalistic cases not defined or covered by the Scholarship policy on the recommendation of lnternal Scholarships Review Committee (ISRC).



Finance Committee

Board of Director’s (BoD’s) Finance Committee provides support and give recommendations on matters which involves;

  • Approval of annual as well as periodic or interim budgets.
  • Investment of funds.
  • Financial performance of BEEF.
  • Other finance related matters as brought to the Committee.



HR and Recruitment Committee

Human resources and Recruitment committee deals with all employee related matters including recruitment, training, remuneration, performance evaluation, succession planning, and measures for effective utilization of the employees of BEEF.



Audit Committee

Audit Committee
Board of Director’s (Bo D’s) Audit Committee helps to ensure that management properly develops and adheres to a sound Internal Control system. Audit Committee of BEEF mainly focuses on;

  • Strengthening of Governance and Internal Control Environment.
  • Support to Internal Audit Department in maintaining Independence.
  • Evaluate External Auditors performance as per SECP rules.
  • Financial Analysis of BEEF’s Financial Statement.



Procurement Committee

Procurement Committee ensures transparent and independent procurement process adopted by BEEF during procurement of different goods and services to carryout Operational as well as Program activities. Board of Directors have approved Balochistan Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (BPPRA) as procurement policy of BEEF and Procurement Committee reviews different procurements in light of guidelines issued by BPPRA.