For all levels and categories the priority is to maintain gender free merit at Provincial, District or Institutional level.

  • If the allocated number of scholarships of a District or stream are in fractions, (3.2, 2.8, 4.5 etc.), the number will be rounded off to next (higher) digit from 0.5 onwards; e.g. against 2.5 scholarships, students will be awarded scholarships.
  • All the scholarship adjustments are made accordingly.
  • All the meritorious students having same marks will be eligible for award of BEEF scholarships subject to fulfillment of eligibility criteria.
  • A student can avail only one scholarship in an academic year. If the selected student opts to avail BEEF scholarship then he/she will have to surrender the other scholarship, if it exceeds the annual stipend amount provided by BEEF.
  • Special quota scholarships (SQS) will be awarded on the basis of merit at provincial level in each level of education.
  • If any short listed student (Outreach Scholarship) is also eligible for SQS, he/she would be considered eligible for both types of scholarships; giving first preference to the Outreach scholarship and then to SQS.
  • For Orphan of Shaheed, Notification/Certificate issued from Government of Balochistan Home & Tribal Affairs Department will be required.
  • Grade 1-6 means employees of Government of Balochistan.
  • In case of children of Govt. employees of grade 1-6 of Balochistan, either serving or retired, if salary /pension is their only source of income, copy of last pay slip or salary /pension will be required.
  • For Technical Education Quota Scholarships, top five students among the applicants at District level will be considered eligible for award of Scholarship.

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